Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is back named Galaxy Note fan edition

Previous year Samsung launched a flagship device named Galaxy Note 7. But due to burning and exploding issues this smartphone’s production was stopped and was taken back from every consumer.

But now it looks like Samsung is bringing back the Note 7 which is refurbished with a new name “Samsun Galaxy Note fan edition”. Fan Edition hardware is mostly the same as the original Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is using a smaller 3,200 mAh battery that the company claims has been “enhanced with multiple safety designs.”

Samsung is only manufacturing 400,000 Galaxy Note Fan Edition devices, and the units will only be available in South Korea initially with other markets “decided later.” Samsung Galaxy Note fan edition will go on sale on July 7th.


Samsung will also launch its Note 8 in August so people might be skipping the fan edition to buy the Note 8. The Note 8 is expected to include a dual-camera system and a slightly larger curved display than the Galaxy S8 Plus.