Is John Cena retiring from WWE after No Mercy Loss

With John Cena’s No Mercy defeat against Roman Reigns, WWE tried to show that John Cena’s time was probably over for now and he was not the John Cena that everyone was used to see. After a long and hectic battle, it was Roman Reigns who stood up as the stronger of them.

But after John Cena’s loss lots of fans started to speculate about John Cena’s future, even the official WWE Twitter handle posted a tweet with “#ThankYouCena” hashtag.


John Cena appeared in the RAW Talk after the pay-per-view event went off air. Jerry Lawler asked John Cena that if he was retiring, but Cena’s thinks it’s probably not like that, he says that he is 40 years old and it is difficult to stay at that level now, which he used to be in his early career. He said that he has been with WWE for 15 years and that also at an elite level.

He says that he wants to look for opportunities outside the ring, and assures fans that he is definitely not done. He also added that he is like the Batman character, whenever the light shines, he’ll be back.

John Cena certainly wants to look for more opportunities in Hollywood and is going to try out like Rock did, who vanished from the WWE ring before returning for a short stint with an ignited feud with John Cena.


John Cena would surely return but it would certainly be the longest break he is going to take before coming back.

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