SpaceX teases video of its Falcon Heavy rocket as it is prepared for launch

Ahead of the launch of the biggest rocket by SpaceX, they have a released a drone shot video of the triple booster craft on its launch pad. The launch is scheduled to be at the end of January, with the payload being a Tesla Roadster.

It is a massive rocket that SpaceX is planning to launch with a thrust of 5 million pounds which is equal to 18 747 aircrafts at full power. SpaceX called this the most powerful operational rocket in the world.

To make things a little interesting payload is not a block of concretes but is going to be a tesla roadster. The rocket will have a roadster and if everything goes well then it would go into a “billion year elliptic mars orbit”.

Complete details of the mission are not out yet and even before the launch happens SpaceX will have to static fire all the 27 Falcon Heavy Merlin 1D engines at once for the first time, and the launch will only proceed if that goes fine.


But Musk has stated that even if everything goes fine during launch there is a large probability that the Heavy and Roadster might blow up before even escaping the Earth’s gravity.

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