WhatsApp bringing digital payments feature in India

WhatsApp has been testing the digital payment feature since early 2017, and now WhatsApp has finally come out with the update and is giving chance to some selected users to test it out. Payments will use the government approved UPI within the app and will verify themselves through their number.

Some of the biggest banks can be used to make payments which include, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.

WhatsApp is growing more than ever

February 1, 2018

WhatsApp has reached over 1 billion monthly users, and things are only getting better


News has been circulating through out last year on the Indian media that WhatsApp would be coming out with a payments feature and it seemed inevitable as the country is going through a transition which is urging people to go cashless and WhatsApp would surely want to take advantage of its huge user base as India has the most number of WhatsApp users which is around 200 million.

For now it is not available for everyone, but once it goes live Facebook or WhatsApp would be announcing that, and still then it would be competing against other popular digital payment apps, which includes Google Tez.


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