Best budget gaming laptop for you and it’s below Rs 60,000($1000)

A gaming laptop at a budget price is very rare to find. But Acer Nitro 5 is an attempt to provide a good gaming laptop at a very reasonable price. The spec sheet for the device is really great and looking at the price it comes, it is really hard to believe.

Like all other gaming laptops, Acer Nitro 5’s design looks really stunning. To help with that, it is also equipped with LED backlit keypad, which really adds to the beauty of the device. The build looks sturdy and has a high-end finish.

Looking at the configuration of the device, it has an 8 GB DDR4 RAM which can be upgraded to 32 GB, a pretty good Intel i5 7th gen processor, a 2 GB Nvidia GeForce 1050 graphics processor which works really great. This configuration works seamlessly well and even you are performing high-end game or performing your daily tasks, you wouldn’t be facing any major issues.


Not only the configuration but also the variety of ports available would make this a go-to laptop. It has 2xUSB2.0 ports, 1xUSB3.0, 1xUSB Type-C and an HDMI port. These ports will definitely give a variety of choices and would enable you to connect different kinds of devices.

One of the benefits of being a gaming laptop is that most probably the laptops are going to be equipped with Liquid Cooling technology, which would avoid your laptop from getting overheated.

If we look at the display of the device, it is a Full HD 1080p display which actually looks really amazing, but something that is going to bother you are the large bezels around the screen of the device.


But if we look at the overall performance of the device then it was pretty great, well you might not be able to play games at very high fps, but still, games work fine in Full HD at around 30 fps. We tested FIFA 18 and results were really amazing, at UHD resolution the device was able to squeeze out 120 fps. So overall you are going to be satisfied with the performance of the device.

Now talking about the price of the device, I bought it from Flipkart, and it did cost me around Rs. 53,000. Yeah, you heard it right, all these features packed inside a laptop at such a price is really rare. The price of the device actually varies on the website, but most often it stays below Rs. 60,000. So be patient if you want to buy this laptop, you might get a better deal.

We also made a video recently, reviewing the device:


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