Google Assistant will identify itself while making Duplex calls

Google came out with a new google assistant feature the Duplex calls. These convincingly human-like AI will make the calls in the future on your behalf to book appointments and order stuff. But this technology gave rise to controversy, as a deep concern over ethics. After all this Google made clear that Assistant will identify itself at the beginning of the conversation.

According to a report from Bloomberg, in certain jurisdictions alert will be given that calls are being recorded, this all was shared in a company meeting Thursday.

The Duplex AI call was showcased at the Google I/O and it demonstrated how this AI technology will make calls to set up an appointment on the behalf of the individual. Duplex will launch in experimental this summer and will allow users to have it make calls to businesses to make restaurant reservations.

At Google I/O, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told that Assistant would record calls and will let users review those calls. But he didn’t give any information whether the recipient would be informed about the call being recorded.


Over the past few weeks, there has been some skepticism whether the demonstrated call was Google Assistant actually talking to make a reservation. But some Twitter users confirm that they have actually tracked down the restaurant and Mashable confirming that one of the employees actually confirming that it received a call.

Further, Bloomberg reported that some of the actual recording was clipped to remove the information that would probably identify the recipient.

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