Apple announces free repair for devices damaged by Japanese floods

Apple says that they are willing to repair the iPhones, iPads, iPods that were damaged in the Japanese floods caused by heavy rains, More than 100 people have been killed and dozens are missing after record torrential rains unleashed floods and landslides in western Japan.

They say Affected customers can contact Apple by dialing 0120-27753-5 to arrange for pick up of any eligible products through the end of September, according to a notice on Apple’s website.

Apple being a company of hundreds of millions of dollars is doing a great job. Taking such a generous step towards it’s customers and that is exactly what Is known as marketing skills. The support naturally goes against Apple’s standard repair policies, which strictly exclude water damage.

The repair program includes pickup and returns shipping of damaged products, but Apple warns that delivery times may be longer than usual due to suspended courier service in areas still recovering. It’s worth noting that this support goes against Apple’s standard repair policies which exclude any devices affected by water damage. 


According to the legal repair policies of Apple, they do not repair any natural damage, but Apple is going against their policies to once again be the best mobile brand on the globe.