Disney is creating flying stunt double robots that pose like superheroes in sky

A Humanoid Robot is being developed by Disney to be shown at the theme park. The company has been developing stunt “Stuntronics” what they call it can just post like star war heroes or superheroes from the Marvel series can become a center of attraction for people at the theme parks. A new report from TechCrunch lays out that the company has made in the field of animatronics. These totally resemble human beings, designed to entertain the crowds at Disney theme parks Think of the Captain America.

Robotics has hit an all new level, while in the air the robot can produce some movements and motorized stuff to pose or to move like the way It is functioned.

This Ariel stunt robot will prove to be an awesome innovation in the fields of film-making and entertainment as well. These robots can be made to perform the difficult stunts without any risk to the life of the stunt doubles. Maybe the production cost, in the beginning, would be high but at the end, the film-making industry will land up making money.


Watch the full video:

The project was born of a research experiment named “Stickman.” Stickman was a robot who could perform acrobatic flips and was essentially just an articulated pole.

With Stuntronics the aim was to create a humanoid robot which could act as a stunt double for other “hero” animatronic figures in the park.


Stuntronics started out as a research project without a real purpose. In this case, it was called BRICK (Binary Robotic Inertially Controlled bricK). Basically, a metal brick with sensors and the ability to change its center of mass to control its spin to hit a precise orientation at a precise height – to ‘stick the landing’ every time.

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