Google Assistant can now control a lot more things

Google is becoming smarter and smarter each passing day. All our day to day stuff like informing us about our work time and the distance we covered or telling us the shortest route for work nearly 80% of our jobs are being done by Google. Google is introducing new gadgets like google home mini and google home assistant in mobile phones. According to “THE VERGE” You can now control Dish’s Hopper DVRs with Google Assistant.

The devices will work on a broadband internet connection with Hopper Duo, Wally single-tuner HD, and all generations of Hopper DVR or its Joey client. Spanish language support is planned in the future, but Dish has not released a specific timeline. No word on integration with Dish’s Sling service for subscribers who stream without the set-top box.

Apart from this Google Home can now handle up to three commands simultaneously instead of asking, “Hey Google, what’s the weather in Paris and what’s the weather in New York,” you can ask a more straightforward, “OK Google, what’s the weather in New York and Paris?”


Google Home speakers outsold Amazon’s Echo line for the first-time last quarter. A total of 4.1 million speakers were sold in the US during the same time, the most in the world.

So, all these things really prove to be a boon for geeks. As for now, they have more things to look at and their world is getting smarter and smarter.

Google is working on making the world smart and it is doing its job well. Google now provides all the controls their lovers need.