How to use Alexa Cast

What is Alexa Cast? protocol that will enable control Alexa Cast is a wireless casting and playback of Amazon Music on compatible devices, i.e., an Amazon Echo.

The Alexa Cast works with all Alexa-enabled devices, meaning it supports Echo speakers, third-party Alexa products, and some of Amazon’s Fire devices. Separately, an app has been developed to let sign language users communicate with Alexa. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Echo Dot, a popular smart speaker, also has been due for a new version for a while now. If you’re using Alexa Cast, you also can’t use Alexa in your Amazon Music app on your phone.

Alexa Cast is compatible with all Alexa-enabled devices. That means the whole Echo line, third-party Alexa speakers (such as Sonos), and some Amazon Fire devices can all work with the new feature. According to THE VERGE, to connect Amazon Music to Alexa Cast


1. First, log in and open the Amazon Music App. Pick a song you’d like to play.

2. Swipe up to see your music controls. Tap the Alexa Cast icon (located right of the centered shuffle button). Tap and select the Alexa-connected speaker or Echo that you’re already signed into.

3. Now you’re using Amazon Cast. You can also ask Alexa to change the volume with your voice and skip or play / pause songs.

4. If you want to play music through your phone again, simply tap on the Alexa Cast icon at the bottom. A menu will appear where you can tap “Disconnect” on the relevant Alexa-connected speaker.


Amazon says it is committed to expanding Alexa Cast’s capabilities to include more features like video and hopefully support for other services. If you are a Spotify Premium user, you can use the Echo’s already available Spotify Connect support to cast music from your phone to the speaker without your voice in much the same way as Alexa Cast works.

Presently, Alexa Cast is only limited to Amazon Music and it’s not yet known whether other third-party audio streaming services will get support for it in the future. Once the user taps on it, he will be given the option to choose between all the Alexa-powered devices registered to the account.