Now Instagram lets you can see when someone is online

Instagram has announced a new feature that will allow you to see when your friends are using Instagram. This update is very similar to other chatting apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Instagram will show a small green dot next to their name to let you know that the other user is online. This feature will surely encourage users to chat more and that is what the goal of the company is.

Instagram said this in a blog post:


Today we’re making it easier to connect with friends on Instagram by showing you when they’re available to chat. This update gives you the ability to have more of those real-time conversations while giving you the control to hide your status altogether.

This a major update from Instagram and will surely increase the usage time of its users, but Instagram CEO has said that it would be releasing major features that will let users control their time on the app and fight tech addiction.


But if you don’t want others to see your status, you can disable it by going to “activity status” in the app’s main settings, to disable activity status.

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