Technology in cars is causing distraction in driving

A new study finds that technology in cars is compromising our safety. More than nine out of ten Quebec drivers admit they’re distracted behind the wheel.

The study, by Leger Marketing and All State Insurance, shows most drivers admit to being distracted behind the wheel.

When drivers choose to engage with their phone is also an issue. Some only peek while at a red light or in heavy traffic. Others wait for stop signs. I’ve known more than a few people who leave it in their lap for whenever the occasion strikes; I’ve also witnessed drivers purposefully slow down to get caught at a red light to peruse Instagram.

For those drivers that feel using their phone while behind the wheel is just how society is, they also claim they need “a lot of convincing” to show them otherwise—about 68% of people in the study are unconvinced that it is dangerous.


Distracted driving has always caused accidents and mishaps. When the brain is given two works at the same time, it may choose anyone and not be being so smart it may choose the mobile to be the priority.

Day by day technology is gaining pace and pulling us away from nature. We scroll our lives away. This generation doesn’t even think before compromising with their lives and choosing entertainment and mobile phones over it.

Many surveys have proved that more than 50% of the road accidents are caused because of distracted driving.


Let’s not just read daily articles about technologies distracting people on road and take an initiative instead of just talking about it.

Unfortunately that convincing occurs through injury or death. By the time they realize their ignorance it’s too late. Until tech companies work in conjunction with federal governments to stop this trend, little is going to change.