Samsung Galaxy Note 9 released with a massive battery and bigger display

Samsung today announced their new flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, some great specs that make it one of the best devices and most powerful in the market. One of the features of Note 9 that will grab your attention immediately is its huge size. A massive 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display is by far going to be one of the best displays out there.

Samsung has gone all in with their Note 9 as you would see a lot of small upgrades and some of them will surely grab your attention.

Design and Build

The overall design of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is quite similar to Note 8 except that Note 9 is slightly wider and shorter than Note 8. BUt overall size of the display is bigger than Note 8 by 0.1 inch.


The build is premium and the curved edges make it stand out from any other smartphone out there. The 18:9 display is what you will find in most smartphones this year and so in Note 9. The fingerprint scanner is moved below the camera, maybe the best position from Samsung in recent times.

4,000 mAH battery

Finally, you have a smartphone in which battery backup wouldn’t such a big deal as Samsung is providing a massive 4,000 mAH battery, much larger than its previous versions. After the Note 7 scare Samsung has come up with an eight-point safety check, that will mean no fires like we saw two years ago.


This kind of battery size will surely see you through one whole day easily, and it also comes with fast charging and wireless charging.


One of the best improvements that you will see in Note 9 is on camera. It has a similar camera setup as of Samsung Galaxy S9.


The dual 12MP rear camera uses dual aperture technology to switch between a f/1.5 aperture for low-light photography and a f/2.4 aperture for normal lighting conditions. The secondary rear camera allows for a 2x optical zoom, giving you sharp telephoto snapshots for when you’re standing too far away. The aperture here is always set at f/2.4, and like the main lens, it has optical image stabilization (OIS) to make up for your shaky hands.

This time Samsung has also come up with a new fancy camera feature, an AI-powered Scene Recognition feature.

Massive storage option

Well, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to be the first smartphone that can be expanded with a 1 TB microSD card. Well, that is a massive advantage over other flagship devices.

Enhanced S Pen

The newer S Pen is better than ever as it is Bluetooth enabled. Samsung has managed to squeeze a small battery and tiny Bluetooth Low-Energy antenna into the otherwise unchanged stylus so that it can perform various remote functions, and we’re impressed.


TechRadar tested the S Pen and these are some of the features of new S Pen. Now we were able to remotely launch the camera app with a long press of the clicky end of the S Pen, flip the camera to selfie mode with a single short press, and snap a group photo with two presses. It’s much easier than setting the camera timer, which Samsung hid in the camera settings menu last year, and less awkward than waving your hand in front of the lens to trigger the gesture-initiated camera timer.


Samsung just missed the Android 9 Pie launch this week, meaning the Galaxy Note 9 comes with Android Oreo. Not that you’d notice, as Samsung puts its own spin on Android.


That’s not a bad thing anymore. The Samsung Experience software is well defined in 2018, with helpful cues on how to navigate a deep and complex operating system. It’s much better than the bloated Samsung TouchWiz firmware on its old Android phones, and everyone who hates on the software today likely hasn’t touched a Samsung in years.

Other features

One of the most surprisable features is the inclusion of headphone jack, yes, you heard it right, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 retains headphone jack, and even the Bixby AI button, just for your info. Also for all the gaming lovers, Fortnite will be released on Samsung devices initially and if you preorder you will get some in-game rewards.


Well for more in-depth review of the Note 9 stay tuned with us as we will keep you updated with further details of this newly launched Note 9.

Just forgot about the release date, well it is 24 August with price soaring high as $1,000. That is pretty expensive, but if you want this majestic device, you will need to burn a hole in your pocket.