PewDiePie may no longer remain the biggest YouTube channel.

Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg has been the YouTube king for so long that it’s almost implausible to imagine another channel consummating his extensive 65 million subscriber count. But the infamous Swedish comedian is currently preparing himself for what he sees as the inevitable moment that he will no longer be the biggest channel on YouTube.

Yesterday, Kjellberg uploaded a (partially ironic) video where he addresses the YouTube gossip that another channel will soon surpass his subscriber count. The channel is none other than T-Series, an Indian music production company that has been trailing Kjellberg for some time now. Best known as a source for Bollywood music videos, T-Series currently has 59 million subscribers, about 6 million behind Kjellberg. According to YouTube tracker Social Blade, T-Series has recently been growing at a rate of about 141,000 subscribers per day. While, Kjellberg has a total of 29,000 subscribes per day. It’s enough to maintain the enormous gap between him and most other channels on YouTube, but not enough to match the incredible rate of T-Series’ growth.

“The time has come for us to fight back,” Kjellberg says in the video where he jokingly reunites his fan base against T-Series. This might be a good thing YouTube as rivalry videos gets more viewers than any other videos in the world. The besy example would be the KSI vs Logan paul’s video.

Kjellberg may not be serious, but some of his fans are preparing against T-Series’ YouTube channel all the same. If you click on any of T-Series’ recent uploads, the comments are filled with fans joking about the “feud” between the two channels or slamming T-Series.


Meanwhile Kjellberg will do anything in his power to make the viewers click that subscribe button.