The one plus coffee experience is here

Now at every OnePlus Experience Store and Exclusive Service Centre, you will get the finest Arabica coffee. OnePlus definitely wants us to have an unforgettable experience at their stores and that’s the best they can offer apart from their amazing phones.

People ask, what’s so special about that coffee? Well, This coffee has been specifically sourced from the best estates. The finest fields in the south have been used to obtain cherries, that are full of flavour. These cherries are then roasted in specialised roasteries, and tested for different flavour profiles. To get to that perfect blend, its put under further processing.

“We want to deliver on your every expectation, and give you the most premium service. Walk into our stores and enjoy a flavourful cup, anytime.” Says one plus, further adding “At OnePlus, we believe in delivering the best. So why should we settle for ordinary coffee? Only after 800 test rounds, is the final blend picked out – a medium roast with a perfectly balanced flavour.”


The OnePlus really ” never settles”. They proved their slogan to be true and provided with the best service. After a long, tiring, exhausting day of office hours and stuck in traffic one needs to relax and if they have to go a store to buy a phone, they surely will need the best experience and would want to relax.

“Read a book, listen to some music and enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait for your service delivery from our executives. Welcome to the OnePlus coffee experience.”