The self-solving Rubik’s cube is taking over the internet

For those of us who have never been quite able to solve the popular puzzle, some wonderful genius has constructed a self-solving Rubik’s Cube. This robotic Rubik’s Cube is the product of a Japanese creator who’s documented many of his creative projects on his YouTube channel, Human Controller.

This cube will solve itself on its own. You just put it on the table and watch it in silence. Then it moves. It is a spooky thing to watch yet so exciting.


It has a custom 3D-printed core attached to servo motors that are programmed to solve the cube on its own. Everything is wired up with magnet wire to keep bundles to a minimum size, and buried deep inside is a LiPo battery pack. It seems like it’s a work of a really smart ghost but this thing took years to build. At first, the size was much bigger than usual, but now it’s size has been reduced down to an original Rubik’s cube. The cube hides a tangle of wires, electronics, and batteries.

Human controller doesn’t provide much information about the working and mechanism of the robotic cube but here’s a video which shows how it’s done. Basically, Once the cube senses that it has been scrambled, it sets to work on the solution, walking all over the table in the process. It’s clearly not just recording the scrambling steps and playing them back in reverse; the video below shows far more moves to solve the cube than the 15 it took to scramble it.