WhatsApp is testing the new “vacation mode”

Now you can enjoy your vacation in a better way because WhatsApp is soon going to release a new feature that will help you in spending your vacations in a better way, they do not see how many new messages they have received in that chat directly from the WhatsApp icon on the phone. The ” vacation mode” will make muted archived chats stay archived even when new messages arrive.

The users will have an option to control the feature through Notifications settings on WhatsApp for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

The main purpose of the new feature helps you to enjoy your holidays delightedly by muting the chats and getting away from all the WhatsApp mayhem for a while. And whenever you get back, you will still be able to get back to your archives despite receiving a new message in that chat.

Along with this WhatsApp will also be coming up with new silent modes and new account linking features between WhatsApp and Facebook, here is a tweet: