All you need to know about Amazon’s new ring alarm system

Now you can protect your property from the inside-out, and get mobile alerts when doors or windows open and when motion is detected at home. The set up is very easy and doesn’t require any professional help for installation and can be expanded to any house or apartment.

You will get alerts on your phone and tablet when the Motion Detector and Contact Sensor detect activity at your home. You can arm the siren to go off when the motion detectors detect anything or you can activate it from the app to alert people nearby. You can control the Alarm and all your Ring Doorbells and Cameras from one central location.

The most wonderful thing about this is that it works with Alexa. It works quite severely. You install the Ring skill from the Skill Store in your Alexa app, make sure Alexa can see your alarm system, and then you can use the following commands (in the United States):


Alexa, arm Ring

Alexa, set Ring to Home / Away

Alexa, is Ring armed?

Alexa, disarm Ring


It comes with the following things in the box:

Base Station

Keeps your Alarm system online and connected to your mobile devices.



Arms and disarms your system from inside the home.


Extends the signal from your Base Station to all Alarm components.

Motion Detector & Contact Sensor

Motion Detector alerts you when motion is detected and Contact Sensor alerts you when doors or windows open.


Amazon announced today that it’s opening up its Security Panel Controller API to other device manufacturers as well, so you can probably expect that list of supported alarms to expand.