The Marvel Studio’s Avengers 4 trailer is finally out and people are going insane

It seems just yesterday that fans were heartbroken with tears in their eyes as they walked out of the theatres after watching Avengers: Infinity War. For those unaware, the climax of the film took fans by surprise as Thanos snapped his finger and caused the unthinkable. Since then all fans could do was theorize, forecast and diligently wait to see the final segment of this epic movie. And the wait is finally over as the trailer has now been released!

The name of the sequel is Avengers: End Game and will continue with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), and more of the heroes trying to undo the devastating effects of the Thanos (Josh Brolin) snap in the last movie.

If rumours are to be believed, the beginning half of the trailer would probably focus on the destruction caused by Thanos’ snap and the repercussions that followed all with a sombre score in the background. And the second half will most-likely focus of Captain America trying to figure a way to get back the dusted with the rest of the Avengers while Tony trying to bring himself back to Earth from Titan. Thanos wiped out half the universe with the snap of his fingers. Black Panther, Spider-Man, and almost all of the ” Guardians of the Galaxy” have been wiped out Hawkeye and ant man who weren’t in ” Infinity War” makes an appearance in the trailer.


This is another scenario that is unlikely to be shown in the trailer. If you recall, the last time the two characters were face-to-face in “Civil war”, they were knocking the hell out of each other. And even in Infinity War, the two characters didn’t meet. We doubt if Marvel will show them working together in the trailers at all.

A lot of scenarios can be discussed until the movie releases in April next year.