Twitter’s Transparency Report gives insight into user’s data privacy

Twitter has been working proactively to meet the standards outlined by governments regarding privacy concerns and transparency, and so the company released the biannual Transparency Report last Thursday.

The report details about the company’s practices to protect users’ privacy and what all data is publicly available by Twitter.

The report is based for the first half of the year 2018 and includes requests made on Twitter and Periscope. Twitter has also revealed in the blog post along with the Transparency report that along with government requests for information and content removal, the company has included stats on the enforcement of Twitter’s own policies.


The report highlights:

There are more government request and there is an increase of 80 per cent to global legal demands and most of them were from Russia and Turkey.

Twitter’s report breaks down its inaugural rule enforcement data into 6 categories: abuse, child sexual exploitation, hateful conduct, private information, sensitive media, and violent threats. In total, 6,229,323 accounts were reported for Twitter rule violations. Action, which includes suspension, was taken on 605,794 of those accounts.

For the full Transparency Report click here.