Official Teaser for Game of Thrones Season 8 Released

After making its viewers wait for so long, HBO finally released the official teaser for the eighth and final installment of its most popular series, Game of Thrones.

HBO revealed the premiere date (April 14th) for the final season of its epic series just before the premiere of the third season of True Detective, in the recently released teaser, of less than two minutes.

Though it is just a teaser, not a full trailer, it is more than what we fans got the last time and is enough to get the audience all hyped up. The teaser opens with the three Stark children Jon Snow (Birth name: Aegon Targaryen), Arya and Sansa Stark walking alongside their ancestor’s grave and their effigies inside the Crypt of Winterfell hearing their voices, where shockingly they encounter their own statues, probably hinting at their doom, and hearing their father, Ned Stark, telling Jon that “You might not have my name, but you have my blood.” But before they can really take it in, the frosty and chilly gust of cold sneaks up the crypt indicating the arrival of the Night King and his army of the dead.


Following what the teaser gave us, the fans can expect an epic ending season to the epic series. But wait, Is this the end of Game of Thrones? the answer can be a little confusing because there is no doubt that season 8 will be the last of what we will see of this epic series but, HBO has already announced a Prequel series “THE LONG NIGHT”, which is set “thousands of years” prior to the current show. Thus, all that the fans can do for now is to wait for the official trailer, which is expected to be released soon.