Eminem is about to make his first WWE appearance

There were some reports yesterday saying that the ‘King of Hip-Hop’; Eminem had signed a deal with WWE to appear on a pay-per-view later this year as well as contribute to video game WWE 2K20’s soundtrack, although those stories have since been scotched by the popular recording artist’s representative.

WWE is not so unaccustomed to the odd celebrity appearance. In addition to the game and the PPV, Fightful suggested Eminem was being drafted into the company to help promote this autumn’s move to the Fox Network. WWE was also said to be manufacturing a custom-made championship belt for the singer.

Incredibly, this will be Eminem’s first appearance on WWE television, ground previously covered by some of his rivals from the long long ago such as Insane Clown Posse and “WWE’s favorite band in the world,” Limp Bizkit. Slim Shady’s never shown up in pro wrestling, but SLAM Shady made an appearance back in 2004.


Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has reported that part of Eminem’s deal features the musician contributing to the soundtrack of WWE’s next video game, joining the likes of Jay-Z and P. Diddy to do so.

And in an added bonus for wrestling fans, it is also reported: “there’s also an agreement for Eminem to appear on an episode of WWE Smackdown” as part of the package. The deal is believed to have been rubber-stamped today and has been put together in part to promote SmackDown Live’s move to the Fox Network. WWE is also getting a special championship belt made for the rapper.