PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Beta update is out

The new update for the Beta version of PUBG Mobile, the most popular game across the globe, has rolled out hosting new features and weapons one would like to see in the game. The Beta update is expected to bring two new weapons, a new Zombie Mode, friendly spectate, crosshair colour options, quick chat updates, companion eagle and more to the commercial version of the game.

Here’s the detail we know so far:-

New Weapons

This might get you all hyped up if you are a fan of explosives and stuff that blows up. The new update, which was first spotted by News18 Tech, adds two new weapons to the Battle Royal game. RPG-7, a rocket launcher being the first new weapon to be added and the second one is an explosive crossbow, where the bolt is said to explode on hitting the target. However, both the weapons are reportedly available only for the Zombie event mode.

Friendly Spectate

The feature which amuses me the most is the new friendly spectate feature, where you can spectate your friend’s gameplay and keep the track of their stats. The player will be able to see how many of the spectators are watching him/her while in the game.


Crosshair color

You can now choose between nine color options to customize the no-scope crosshair. Furthermore, users can customize the red, holographic, 2X, 3X scope crosshair to either red or green.

New Zombie Event Mode

A new zombie mode is added under the Event section of the game. The new mode description says, ‘Collect supplies during the day and fend off zombies at night. Survive until the rescue arrives to win!’. Which means the players will have to survive the zombies horde till they are rescued from the map.


The feature which was least expected of all, brings a companion to you while in the game. The companion will be an eagle which might sit on character’s shoulder and can also hover around. The companion will not be visible to other players so there is no fear of getting spotted by opponents. It even has its own emotes.


Other updates

The other smaller changes in the update include the addition of some new quick chats in a new male voice for a better in-game experience. The new update has also fixed minor bugs in the game.

For now the update is still in Beta mode and there are still no words on when it will be available for the commercial version of the game. From the past experiences, we believe that it might take over a month for the update to exit Beta mode. But for those who cannot wait can go and try out the new features in the Beta version of the game.