Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser is available for download

Microsoft has been working on Chromium based Edge browser, and today this browser is available for download for Windows 10. Microsoft has released Canary and Developer build and both are available for download at this site.

Microsoft has gone away from its own browser engine and shifted to something that is open source to lay basics of its new Edge browser and company is looking for feedback and reviews on how the browser is performing.

Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president at Microsoft explained:


We’re working directly with the teams at Google and the broader Chromium community on this work and appreciate the collaborative and open discussions. These contributions represent work-in-progress and are not yet fully represented in the browser you can install today, so stay tuned.

It is still in its beta stage and has some bugs here and there, but the way the browsers works is pretty impressive. It still feels like the way Chrome works. The fundamentals are based on Chromium browser and are making integrations with its Windows environment to power up the performance.

We can expect more updates and integrations in the coming builds, for now, the builds available can be downloaded and are primarily based for developers to test out their services and websites. But normal users can also try out this browser.