OnePlus 7 looks absolutely stunning in these new renders

Everyone has been waiting for the much awaited OnePlus 7 smartphone, with many rumors doing round on the internet a YouTuber has come up with the latest renders of what the device might actually look like.

OnePlus is expected to release its next flagship OnePlus 7 this year, and there are going to be a lot of new features that we can expect in this device. The most notable new design that is going to be in the smartphone is the popup selfie camera. This feature has earlier been used by Vivo and now OnePlus is looking to equip this feature as to gain a 100 percent screen to body ratio.


The smartphone will have top specs that you can see in Android smartphones like a Snapdragon 855 chipset. Also, there are rumors of a triple lens rear camera, which we recently witnessed in S10 and S10 plus.

OnePlus has always tried to be one of the best selling smartphones, as it has continuously been providing the flagship specs at half the price of other high-end smartphones. This is the reason OnePlus has such a strong user base.

We can expect a similar type of feedback from the Oneplus 7 also, but the only thing that will have people divided is the pop-up selfie camera, we need to see how this design change works out to be and how consumers react to this change.


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