Revisiting Samsung Galaxy Fold before the release

Samsung never stops to amaze us with it’s new latest technological inventions and how it manages to bring out something new everytime. Let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy fold.

Many reviewers claimed to have experienced with a broken screen merely after 2 days on unpacking. Some of those breaks happened because Samsung didn’t warn reviewers that a “protective layer” that looks exactly like a removable screen protector is not removable at all, but instead it’s a “part of the display structure.”

The reviewers sent Samsung the damaged phones in exchange for new replacements, but they’re waiting for Samsung to offer an explanation. Samsung still doesn’t know, what the cause might be.


Many questions might be arising in people’s mind about this new kind of device. There are a thousand things to talk about, the kinds of things that we don’t usually need to address when we’re talking about plain old smartphones. Which way does the screen fold? Is plastic really durable enough? Is there a gap when it’s folded? Is it too heavy? What is the hinge mechanism like? How does the software translate from a small screen to a big screen? Is there a visible crease in the screen? If there is a crease, how noticeable is it, and should we be forgiving of it in the same way we forgive notches?

Samsung isn’t canceling or delaying the launch of this $1,980 folding smartphone from its April 26th launch date. But people should at least consider the fact that the phone isn’t fully functional or up to our expectations.

Although, there might be a couple of things wrong with the phone, along with the screen breaking, and the crease in the middle, and the big notch, this should be a thing Worth thinking about. Because this might be a start of something new, something big, and something really different, which has never been seen before.