Scientists are about to reveal first black hole images

A groundbreaking announcement about Black Holes will be made by The European Southern Society. Event Horizon Telescope has made an astonishing discovery as it would be releasing the pictures of how a black hole looks like.

The press conference will take place on 10th April at 15:00 CSET.

Event Horizon Telescope has been trying to cover the center of our Milky Way Galaxy where it has been trying to study Sagittarius A a massive hole in the center of our Galaxy and maybe now the telescope was able to successfully image the center.


Black Holes are actually invisible as they absorb all the electromagnetic radiations and light can no longer achieve escape velocity, so it is not possible for our telescopes to detect them.

But that didn’t stop scientists to achieve the impossible. Telescopes from all around the world took on this challenging task and data from all around the world was analyzed and studied to reach the final conclusion.

The event will also be live streamed at this link. Also, stay tuned with KNine Vox as we will also live stream this event at our website.