Google Maps will now show you popular dishes from restaurants

It seems like Google has identified the huge love of people towards food and is continuously trying to improve its applications to provide foodies with better options for them to decide what and where to eat. The company has recently launched a series of features in Google Maps, one of the most used Google applications, which will allow the user to see popular dishes a particular restaurant has to offer.

Google Maps was originally launched as a navigation app for making the commute of users easier but now it seems like the company is trying to make the application to be used for more than just navigating routes and destinations. Earlier the company added the feature to search for food places that lie on your travel route helping the user to find good places to eat while travelling. Taking the later to the next step, Google is now rolling out a feature that will allow users to see pictures of dishes at popular eateries.

As per a Google blog post, Google Maps will now display a restaurant’s most popular dish on the menu, so that people have an idea of what they might end up ordering or eating. The blog post further explains, “The popular dishes feature is powered by a machine learning algorithm that matches dish names, provided by Google Maps users, with relevant photos and reviews. This creates a handy arrangement of a restaurant’s popular and best reviewed dishes right at your fingertips in Google Maps.”


The new feature will also let you to give your own feedbacks, meaning not only you can see the clicks of popular dishes but you can also click a photo of a dish from the menu you enjoyed and upload it with your reviews about the dish.

The feature is rolling out internationally for all Google Maps users which might make you think what if you are in another country and the language is unfamiliar to you? No need to worry the application will automatically translate that for you in whatever language you feel most comfortable with. Isn’t that great or what? But as of now the feature is available for Android users and is soon expected to be made available to the iOS users in few months.