Stranger things might have a season 4 coming up pretty soon

Stranger things: Season 3 ends with a post-credit scene that leaves us in a lot of suspense. Stranger things have been one of the best-viewed shows on Netflix and the suspense just doesn’t get over yet.

At the end of the last episode, there’s a conversation between Mike and Eleven that is to be heard with our hears open completely. When they say goodbye to each other, Mike suggests Eleven visit him somewhere around Thanksgiving. As most of the characters leave town, this might suggest that season 4 might actually come around Thanksgiving next year where all the characters reunite once again saving the world from the creatures from other dimensions.

    “Christmas day could be super fun because we’d all have cool new presents to play with,” Mike says.


There is also an important thing to notice that the previous seasons have been released accordingly to whatever calendar date is currently going on in that season. Season 2 released right before Halloween and featured a trick or treating plotline. Season 3 dropped on July 4 and climaxed in a Fourth of July carnival. So it stands to reason that Stranger Things Season 4 will do the same thing whenever it arrives.

All the other three seasons have a year and a half break among themselves. So, it makes a lot of sense that season 4 will also come in 2020 winters.