Bugatti breaks the 300 mph barrier with a modified Chiron hypercar

Bugatti has always been able to hit those record braking high speeds with their state of the art innovation in the automotive industry. Now Bugatti has hit another milestone as it became the first hypercar to break the 300 mph barrier.

Bugatti used a modified Chiron that was enhanced physically and mechanically. The car hit a max of 304.77 mph at the Ehra-Lessien test track crossing the mythical 300 mph target.


Bugatti beat the previous record-holder Koenigsegg Agera RS (277.87 mph). There have been various modifications to the car including the 25cm longer body kit extension to reduce drag, also a new a laser-assisted ride height that enables the car to truly glide on the tarmac.

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Apart from this at the rear addition of newer shotgun tailpipes to minimize the drag and also project the exhaust emission as far away as possible to reduce the effect on drag. Also the rear wing and airbrake have been removed and replaced with a static unit in the tail.

Frank Heyl – master of arts, head of exterior design at Bugatti had this to say:

    The biggest challenge is to get the overall package right, not only design, not only aerodynamics, not the only engine, not only tires. It’s to get everything together and working in one car.


    Interior has also been stripped off, the passenger seat is removed and replaces with a computer system. There are a full roll cage and a safety seat for the driver, and any number of visible and invisible weight-saving measures have been deployed.

    Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti has to say this


      Bugatti has once again shown what it’s capable of. With this new record of the Chiron, we enter again uncharted territory. Never before has a series manufacturer reached this high speed. Our goal was to be the first manufacturer ever to reach the magic 300mph mark. We have now achieved this – making ourselves, the entire team and myself, incredibly proud.