Fortnite’s blackhole event left viewers in shock

Fortnite has been changing its interface for quite a long time. It biggest change was the launch of chapter 2. This change from.the original to the new era of royal battlefield got a lot of attention from the viewers.

Twitch revealed that Fortnite broke the site’s peak concurrent record on a single game on October 13. That was when all of Fortnite, including even the start menu, got sucked into a black hole. The curious and surprising event drew a max of 1.7 million concurrent viewers.

The records were not only broken on Twitch. Twitter also drew a lot of eyes on the new season X, where the black hole earned 42.8 million views, peaking at 1.4 million concurrent viewers. And on YouTube, about 4.3 million concurrent viewers watched.

The black hole event left everyone in a bit of a shock and everyone was confused as to what was going on. But that did help to gather a lot of audiences to watch the not so ordinary event on the game where millions of people could only see a black hole and nothing else when they logged into the game. Rumor also suggested that once Fortnite came back, it would launch with a new map. That’s what happened when Season 2 came online.


As season 10 ends, players could see on their screen that the rockets are emerging from everyone and have caused great explosions all around. The meteor that was quite for the whole season started acting and showing up. Then all of a sudden, a big explosion was created in the sky which gave into the creation of a black hole. Soon, the black hole started sucking up everything from the gane including the players, the weapons and vehicles and all the props and even the game map.

After the cosmic event got over, all the players could see was a black seen. Anybody who locks the screen has reported to be seeing a black screen and nothing else. And it has been like that ever since.