The most awaited PS5 launch date and first look

PlayStation has always created exclusive products for the target audience the design. The new PS5 is launching soon and here we’ll see what additional features does it contain.

Firstly, the PlayStation 5 will launch in 2020 no sooner than April.

The PS5 will support 8K video, at least to an extent. The PlayStation 5 will ship with an AMD Ryzen chip — a 7nm chip on Zen 2 architecture — and a GPU from the Radeon Navi-family. It will also come with SSD storage. The assurance from this trilogy of hardware is fast load times, large bandwidth capabilities and millions of graphics grunt.


Let’s talk about the physical design of the console. We all know the basic design of a gaming console but this time Sony has done something unimaginable with the appearance of the console.

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October 19, 2019

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It’s certainly a design change from the PS4 with its, possibly utter, central flying V. There look to be five USB ports at the front for headphones, controllers, hard drives and other accessories. There’s an optical drive for sure but any other specifications will be revealed after the launch.

The Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, revealed a feature called “suspended gameplay” which gets through limited power than the current console. If it was used by one million PS5 owners, that would represent a devaluation in electricity utilization equivalent to 1000 US households.


One online report proposes that the PlayStation 5 will be able to officiate as a competitor for PS4, PS3, PS2, and even original PlayStation games but we’ll have to wait to see how much truth there is in that.

The price of the PS is hard to tell until the near the launch date but it surely will sit just above the PS4, perhaps around £499/$499.