Google Earth now covers 98 percent of the entire population

Google Earth launched in 2001 now has covered 98% of the entire world’s population. Google says that it has captured over 10 million miles of images for Street View, thus far, which is distance enough to circle the globe 400 times. Google Earth has 36 million square miles of HD satellite images you can browse, and those images cover areas where 98 percent of the entire population lives.

This is the first time Google has ever released figures revealing the scope of maps. Google also shared how it took so many images to capture this much of the map. Have a look at the video to understand better.


From Street View cars equipped with cameras to having cameras on animals they did it all. In addition, Google explained that it uses a technique called photogrammetry to stitch several images together. In fact, the tech giant employs the same method to conjure up VR experiences, including the virtual tour of Versailles it created for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users.