Conor Mcgregor won his UFC comeback fight in just 40 seconds beating ‘Cowboy’

Conor Mcgregor made his UFC return after two years in UFC 246 in a fight against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, which he won in a remarkable 40 seconds by TKO. This was Conor’s first win after 2016.

The much-anticipated fight was being dubbed the biggest fight that did not have a title behind it. The fight started with both fighters looking motivated with Donald trying to grab McGregor, but then Conor brought in innovation and landed three shoulders on Donald’s face, and that is where things went downhill for Donald, his nose started bleeding and was shocked from these hits.

This was followed by a left head kick which was the start of the end of the match. Conor finished the match in 40 seconds marking his return in the UFC.


    McGregor said “I made history here tonight, I’m the first fighter to secure a victory at featherweight, lightweight and now welterweight. Donald holds the record for head-kick knockouts and to get him down with a head kick, I’m very happy.”

McGregor is eyeing a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov this year.

What everyone was impressed to see was Conor showing respect to his opponent in this fight, after the fight he went over to Donald and gave him a hug.

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