Doomsday clock is now 100 seconds to midnight, closer than ever

Humanity is closer to facing apocalypse than ever according to the Doomsday Clock which was updated today. The clock is now 100 seconds away from doomsday which is 20 seconds less than what it was last year.

Maintained by the nonprofit organization Bulletin of the Atomic Sciences, the clock signifies how close humanity to midnight, signifying the end.

Every year a group of scientists and Nobel laureates give their estimate and update the doomsday clock. Basic factors that determine the timings of the clock are nuclear weapons and climate change.


The organization started the clock in 1947, deeming a threat to mankind from a nuclear war as the US and the Soviet Union were indulged in an arms race.

    In recent years, the Bulletin’s panel of scientists and other experts has started to look at other “disruptive technologies,” including artificial intelligence, gene editing, and cyber threats, Bronson said.

Last year the clock was at 11:58 PM, but the threats faced last year are amplified and the clock has further moved 20 seconds towards midnight.


But this clock does not really signify the end of the world, this just acts as a representation of all the actions that we are taking that are producing harm to the environment and mankind. This gives us a reminder that we need to step up and address the perils if we want to survive on this planet.

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