Samsung’s bezel-less 8K TV likely to get unveiled in CES

As the CES 2020 is around the corner and various rumors have started popping out. The one which interests us is Samsung’s bezel-less 8K TV. It’s not that old that smartphones started having bezel-less displays reducing extra space and utilizing it as displays. But bezel-less displays are not just limited to smartphones, in near future, every display device would go bezel-less.

Samsung is also getting ready for its bezel-less 8K TV dubbed by some reports as the Samsung “Zero Bezel” TV and reportedly carrying model numbers of Q900T and Q950T, and it might be possible that it will be launched in CES 2020 which is on January 6th in Las Vegas. This TV is believed to have bezels so tiny that the screen edge effectively disappears when viewed from a distance.

As the device is not yet revealed so we don’t have much information regarding this, like price of this TV, release date or the size options. But that said, it does sound perfectly in Samsung’s wheelhouse given the display innovations its pioneered on its Galaxy smartphone line. We’ll likely know more next week when CES is in full swing and Samsung announces its annual TV lineup refresh.