Sony surprises everyone at CES with a concept electric car, Vision-S

Sony landed the biggest surprise at CES this year when they announced a car, Sony Vision-S. This is an electric concept car which is a comprehensive product of Japenese manufacturer’s strengths in media, entertainment and now into automobiles.

The design of the car is very futuristic giving a hint of Porsche profile around the body. Apart from that there is a wide dashboard screen spanning across most of the dashboard length.

The car includes various imaging sensors on the inside as well as outside, 33 to be exact, Sony is also implementing technologies like artificial intelligence, telecommunications, and cloud technology. This all will help the car for autonomous driving and will provide a safer and comfortable experience for the driver.


    “This prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility,” Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said.

The electric platform that the car will be running on is provided by automotive supplier ‘Magna’, and Sony says this platform can also be used on SUVs. Other industry players lending their technology to the car are Blackberry and Bosch.

For now, Sony has not revealed any details about the car and did not even reveal if this concept will ever go into production.

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