Antarctica recorded the warmest temperature ever at over 18 degrees Celsius

With climate change being one of the hottest topics right now, we have got one more reason to worry about global warming. According to the Argentinian research station, they have recorded the hottest temperature at 18.3 C.

The temperature was recorded on Thursday on the northern tip of the continent. An earlier record at 17.5C was recorded in March 2015, now the new record is 0.8 C warmer.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), is yet to verify this temperature but according to a statement from WMO, they are sure that everything is legitimate with the record, still, they will form a committee to confirm the recordings.


The Antarctic region has been warming up rapidly with temperature on the rise concerning the scientists and researchers about the rising sea altitude because of melting glaciers.

Due to global warming, many ice sheets of glaciers are melting and the whole of Antarctica is enough to raise the sea level by 200 feet.

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