Sonic the Hedgehog sets new box office record, beating Detective Pikachu

Sonic the Hedgehog movie faced lots of criticism over its depiction of the main character ‘Sonic’. This led the studio to push the release date further and create new CGI animations for the character and fixing the trailer too.

Now it seems like the studio did the right thing as the movie opened up on the weekend as the biggest release for a video game movie ever.

The movie had a whopping $100 million opening weekend globally and $57 million in the USA. It surpassed the previous title older Detective Pikachu which had a $54 million opening.


Paramount Pictures shook the video game fans last year when they released the first trailer of the movie depicting Sonic unlike what it was in the video games. After facing lots of criticism and trolling on the internet, the studio decided to revamp the CGI and presented an all-new character depiction, which was pretty similar to the video game.

And all these efforts have proven to be a great strategy as we can see in the numbers. The movie en-route to becoming the biggest opening for a holiday weekend for this year.

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