Mansory Cabrera is a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ but even more exclusive

Already extravagant supercar Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has got makeup from luxury car modification firm Mansory. Mansory Cabrera is a styled and tuned Aventador SVJ to make it more stunning, and by doing that they have made it more exclusive.

Lamborghini had only made 963 examples of its Aventador SVJ and Mansory has produced only three tuned Cabrera cars, limiting this car to ultra-rich.


The biggest overhaul is the carbon fiber body kit, and the new wheels. The tuner had also revamped the vehicle with complete new LED headlights along with a LED strip in the front bumper.

The body has also been reworked, the hood has been entirely remade, it has got some modifications as part of its new aero kit body design. New front fenders and newly developed splitters separate it from the standard SVJ. The car’s Vento Verde paint scheme has a corresponded in the striking green shade on the inside where the cabin has been bathed in Alcantara and leather.


That’s not only it, along with the looks the car also gets some slight modifications in its performance. Mansory put in more power to the engine producing 759 hp and 720 Nm (531 lb-ft) of torque taking it to 800 hp and 780 Nm. This increases its top speed from 217 mph to 221 mph and increases its acceleration by two-tenths of a second, now reaching 100 kmph in 2.6 seconds.


The price has not been declared yet, but it certainly going to burn down holes in some rich pocket.

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February 22, 2020

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