Nike is closing its stores in the US and other countries due to Coronavirus

Nike has decided amid this Coronavirus outbreak that it will be closing all its U.S. stores from Monday, 16th March. Along with U.S. other countries that will face this decision are New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Western Europe.

The decision was taken on the morning of Monday and these restrictions were put in effect to stop the spread of COVID-19. The stores will remain closed until March 27.

Countries expect these will still have their open and will operate normally.


Nike in a post stated:

    We are taking additional steps in other Nike-managed facilities, including the option to work from home, staggered work schedules, social distancing, and additional safety and cleaning steps to help protect and support our teammates.

People can still shop on and other Nike apps.

Nike is another company closing its stores and limiting its operations, earlier Apple decided to do the same and will be hosting their WWDC event online.