YouTube to set default streaming quality to standard definition all over the world

YouTube has decided to lower its default streaming quality to the standard definition from next month to lessen the strain over broadband services because more and more people are staying home to tackle the threats of novel Coronavirus.

By default YouTube will play videos on 480p which is standard definition, but if the user wants to watch the video on the high definition that can be done manually.

The company in a statement to Bloomberg said:


    We continue to work closely with governments and network operators around the globe to do our part to minimize stress on the system during this unprecedented situation.

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March 25, 2020

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YouTube is not the only streaming company to take the measures, Netflix has also reduced its bitrates in Europe to manage surge. Apart from this Apple and Amazon took similar steps in Europe. Also if a similar situation continues and if need prevails similar steps can be taken all around the world.


More companies can take similar efforts in the near future as the number of people working and learning from home keeps on increasing putting a strain on broadband networks.