Among Us is redefining the success of Discord’s mobile app

A lot of people are looking for apps and games to have fun with their friends even while staying at home due to the current scenario. Various games and companies have benefited from this and some have even got overwhelming success, and Among Us by InnerSloth is one of the games.

On Twitch the game has received an increase of 650 percent on watching hours on the website. The developers have even canceled “Among Us 2” to continue focus on Among Us updates.

As the above-linked article mentions that the developers are now focusing on Among Us updates. One of the main problems which users are facing is that the game doesn’t got a voice chat feature in it. People need to discuss with their crewmates on the findings of the killer a.k.a “Imposter” and catch whoever is fooling them to be the crewmate.

This has lead to the download of Discord’s app from where people can chat with their friends. Discord’s download has increased so much that Discord has been hitting a new lifetime high mobile app downloads every day since September 5th which is around 800,000 installs a day.


Do you play “Among Us” ? And if you do play leave a reply below what do you think of the game and what all updates should the company be offering to users.