Fast and Furious 9 is taking Dominic Toretto into space

fast and furious 9

Fast and Furious series has transformed over the years from being just about cars and drag racing to a series bringing new adventures and action that completely defy physics. One such detail for the next Fast and Furious has been revealed by Michelle Rodriguez.

Fast and Furious will be releasing its 9th installment in April 2021, after it was delayed by almost a year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now there were already rumors that the next installment will be eyeing for action in the space after the same was leaked by Ludacris. Michelle Rodriguez has kind of confirmed this rumor.

Oh, no way. How did you guys find that out? See what happens? People start talking behind the scenes, man. When a movie doesn’t come out and forget about it, things get out. Nobody was supposed to know that…Oh, well, no, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not lucky enough to hit space, but we did get a female writer and showed a lot of love, I think, on this one. Thanks to…Justin Lin. We were able to, to find a little bit more attention and love for the girls in the movie. And so I’m really hopeful that that, that shows through in the final product.

Michelle Rodriguez

So it is confirmed that Fast and Furious 9 will be sending Dominic Toretto into space, and well you look into the previous Fast and Furious movies this doesn’t sound strange at all. With the direction they were heading into outer space seemed inevitable.


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