Jake Pauls vs Nate Robinson

Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson: YouTube star knocks down Nate and moves to 2-0

YouTube star Jake Paul moves to a record of 2-0 in professional boxing after knocking out former NBA star Nate Robinson. Jake landed a series of hard punches which eventually led to a second-round knockout for Nate Robinson.

This was the first match of boxing for Nate Robinson who is 36 years old. He only started boxing in August when he called out Jake Paul for the first time.

I have been training my ass off for the past year. I am taking this seriously,” Paul said. “There is a long list of opponents I want, like Conor McGregor and [fellow MMA fighter] Dillon Danis. I want to knock both of them out. I want to be in this sport for a long time. I’m in love with this so why not?

Jake Paul

This was Jake Paul’s second fight, the first one was against KSI’s brother Benji. Jake Paul did well in the first round of the fight by avoiding most of the attacks by the NBA star. Paul timed a couple of his punches landed them right on Nate’s head, which shook the latter and put him on the floor.


In the second round Paul continued landing some clean shots and then Jake landed a three-punch combo, which eventually knocked Nate out.

Jake Paul has earlier stated that he wants to focus more on his rapping, acting, and boxing career more than YouTube. Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul has called out Floyd Mayweather for a bout.

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