life on venus

Study that stated presence of life on Venus might have been false

Last year a study claimed to have found phosphine gas on Venus, which showed that the planet hosts life in some form in its clouds. Now new research has reported that the claim of Phosphine on Venus might be completely false and there is no life on Venus.

Phosphine is created through biological processes, which at the time suggested that organisms drifting in the clouds of Venus are releasing this gas. This study rocked the scientific community and also the world was set abuzz with the possibility of life on another planet.

Since then some reports raised doubts over the initial study, but now a new team of scientists has put up their findings and completely debunked the claim of life on Venus. Their study suggests that what the original team concluded as phosphine is actually sulfur dioxide which is abundant on the planet and is not associated with life.

What we bring to the table is a comprehensive look, another way of explaining this data that isn’t phosphine.

Victoria Meadows, an astrobiologist at the University of Washington in Seattle who helped to lead the latest studies

The new research used data from decades-old observations and used data from one of the telescopes used to make phosphine claim. The researchers concluded that data was more consistent with sulfur dioxide rather than phosphine.

The new research also states that the previous study focused on too high up in the Venus atmosphere, at that height phosphine would not survive and would be destroyed almost instantly.

So probably we will have to wait a little longer to find any conclusive evidence of life on any other planet. Scientists already believe that life can exist in some form on the water-rich moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

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