I just made a quick $300 in half an hour?

Who doesn’t want to earn money quickly, but is it possible? Well absolutely yes, Redditors have made it possible. You might have heard of GameStop Corp Stocks which skyrocketed (thanks to r/wallstreetbets on Reddit).

It had a 1,600% jump in a matter of days, though it quickly fell from highs around $350. The late January surge was fueled by individual retail investors, many from the Reddit page WallStreetBets, some of whom believed the GameStop was undervalued and others who wanted to squeeze hedge funds that had shorted the stock.

How much people have earned?

Various people have been investing in GameStop and have earned a hell lot of money. Here are few screenshots how much people are earning on their investments.

Including me who just made a quick $300 investing in GameStop in just half an hour . (Thumbs up for that). But that is obviously not enough to run our company, so you can help by supporting us from the link below.


“If you thought the GameStop saga was over, think again,” said Russ Mould, an investment director at AJ Bell. “January’s Reddit-inspired trading frenzy might be about to return.”

Other so-called “stonks” – an intentional misspelling of “stocks” – favoured by retail traders on sites such as Reddit’s WallStreetBets, also shot higher. AMC Entertainment gained 18%, Koss rallied more than 50% and BlackBerry rose nearly 9%. Shares of Canadian cannabis company Tilray rose by nearly 13%.

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