Twitter is testing its rumored ‘Undo Send’ feature

twitter undo send

Twitter is working on a feature to potentially undo send tweets within a certain time limit. The feature was discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. This is one of the most demanded Twitter features as there is no way to edit your tweet after it has been sent.

In the animation the after the usual Tweet sent notification we see a progress bar titles as “Undo”, signifying the time you have before you can undo your sent message.

This is something similar to Gmail which provides a certain time before you can undo your sent mail. This feature was earlier reported to be part of paid subscription, which company is looking as an alternate method to generate revenue.


Users have always wished for an edit button on Twitter but it seems like that may never become a reality so this ‘Undo Send’ feature might be the closest to edit feature we get for now.

Blomberg has also reported earlier about the subscription model that Twitter could introduce, which could include this feature and also some other features including ways to customize your profile.

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