This is how you can easily buy Dogecoin in India

dogecoin in india

One of the hottest cryptocurrencies Dogecoin has been on a big run ever since Elon Musk started backing this meme crypto. Seeing gains of over 390% in just a week the crypto has provided massive gains to its investors.

Buying Dogecoin among other cryptocurrencies is not tough of a task for anyone in India. You just need to find a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Dogecoin, some of the exchanges that we have tested are CoinSwitch, BuyUcoin, and WazirX.

You will have to set up your account online through their app which would require your PAN among your identity proof. And once your details have been verified you can easily start trading Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

Dogecoin which started as a joke has since then seen major ups, and with Elon Musk backing this meme currency, it sure seems that ‘Dogecoin to the moon‘ phrase might turn out to be true.


Just for context, if you would have invested $1000 at the start of the year on Dogecoin, you would have been holding a total of $68,000 worth of dogecoin, the gains on dogecoin are really absurd.

So this is how you can buy dogecoin in India. For more articles on the crypto trends and bitcoin stay tuned to KNine Vox.

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