Chinese rocket falling on Earth poses very less danger to people

As mentioned here about the Chinese rocket, on how its debris is going to fall on earth and where, but now it looks like there is no risk to people.

The 100-foot-tall, 22-metric-ton corpse of a Chinese Long March 5B rocket that launched the first chunk of Beijing’s new space station last week will reenter Earth’s atmosphere sometime this weekend, and there’s an extremely high chance that pieces of the rocket will splash down in the ocean, analysts say.

“Much of the earth is covered in water, so there’s almost no risk,” said Dan Oltrogge, founder of the Space Safety Coalition and top policy expert at AGI’s Commercial Space Operations Operations Center. The risk to the public isn’t zero, he said, “but it’s a whole lot less” if it’s heading for the oceans.

“The likelihood of any human being getting hit is quite low. It’s extremely low, let’s call it.” Oltrogge said.